End of the Summer

For me, the end of the Summer seems close. I’ve been away on my hols, and I’m now thinking of what needs to be done to ensure my son starts school with tidy hair, and trousers which reach his ankles.

I’m also thinking and planning for my business. This time of year, along with January, is a time for planning, personally, aswell as for my company. I like to look ahead for the next few months and plan what I need to focus on. As an accountant there are lots of deadlines in the diary, and my planning involves what needs to be done leading up to these deadlines.

A few deadlines coming up are:

  • 31st October 2015- paper self assessment tax returns for 2014/15 are due with HMRC
  • 5th October 2015- if you need to complete a self assessment tax return for 2014/15 then you need to register with HMRC by this date
  • 30th December 2015- if you owe tax to HMRC for 2014/15, and you’d like to pay it through your tax code then you must submit your tax return to HMRC by this date
  • 31st January 2016- online self assessment tax returns for 2014/15 are due with HMRC

If you have a limited company then you may have additional deadlines coming up.

Having a business you must be aware of the deadlines which affect you. A good accountant will ensure you know these deadlines and guide you ( some may call it nagging!) along the way.

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